Chiropractors Lock You Into Long Term Care.

Misconception #6: Chiropractors Lock You Into  Long Term Care

It is so important to keep the spinal column in great shape. However, this does not mean weekly or even monthly trips to the chiropractor’s clinic.

If the pain is alleviated after an adjustment, a follow up visit to maintain this may be suggested. If your discomfort isn’t relieved, extra trips could be essential. Remember, preventive care is way more affordable compared to dealing with medical problems that occur through accidents or not taking care of yourself.

What matters is that every patient’s case is taken care of properly. As a  reputable chiropractor I am not going to recommend a high frequency course of treatment over an extended period. However, I will offer suggested follow-up trips based on every individual’s health and fitness circumstances.

This wraps up the six typical myths concerning chiropractic care. Being informed aids individuals. Know the facts from fiction when it comes to chiropractic care.


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