Achieving Health and Wellbeing Through Chiropractic

Have you gone to a Chiropractor for lower back pain or sore neck relief or maybe a sports or workplace injury? Perhaps you’ve heard of chiropractors but never visited one? Here is some brief information about who chiropractors are and what chiropractic can do for your health wellbeing.

Chiropractors are the spinal health experts. They treat abroader range of complaints aside from back and neck pain. They can also treat headaches, arthritis and more. Most of the time, people don’t need to have a specific complaint to benefit from a visit.

A chiropractor knows how to restore the proper spinal biomechanics and improve the nervous system functioning of your body. Chiropractic practice focuses on the connection between structure which is primarily the spine and pelvis and the function as coordinated by the nervous system.

Chiropractors also focus on on-going preventive and wellness care. Chiropractic care is successful for individuals of all ages, from infants to the elderly who have a range of acute and chronic conditions. They can also give you advice about self-help, exercise, diet and lifestyle, and provide support for pain management, sports injuries and active rehabilitation.

If you wonder where Chiropractic came from, the word was derived from the Greek word Chiropraktikos, meaning “done by hand.” Chiropractic is a health care discipline based on the scientific premise that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. These critical functions are manipulated by the brain, spinal cord, and all of the nerves of the body.

So if you have been having back pain of any kind, have joint dysfunction due to a car accident, headaches, repetitive stress injuries from your workplace or you simply just want to maintain wellness, go see a chiropractor. You will discover that Chiropractors can do so much more for your overall health than you are aware.


Bart Loadsman combines all of the traditional chiropractic care as well as soft tissue work, osteopathy and acupuncture for a totally unique experience.


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