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Why I’m different.

In my extended treatment times I combine targeted soft tissue work with specific chiropractic adjustments to have a greater overall effect on the body with longer lasting results.

Its like one plus one equals eleven.

The total effect is greater then the sum of its parts, which is why the soft tissue work has to be done in a certain way to combine effectively with the adjustments that you need.

Soft tissue work provides increased blood flow which in turn increases the healing nutrients to the body and eliminates and pumps out other waste products that build up in stressed areas.

I trained at Macquarie University in a bachelor of chiropractic science and a masters in chiropractic. Since then I have held associate positions in chiropractic and osteopathy.

My unique treatment style combines chiropractic and osteopathy, massage and acupuncture for lasting results.

Chiropractic helps the body reach maximum potential for optimum health by removing blockages to the nervous system.

The Complete Sleeper Pillow:  The chiropractic pillow “The Complete Sleeper” is available for purchase at Loadsman Chiropractic. This pillow provides adjustable support for the neck and head during sleep to ensure a restful night. The memory foam cushions and supports to help prevent neck strain during the night.



Lupin warming pack: is available for purchase at Loadsman Chiropractic. The pack can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer and used to reduce inflammation or swelling and help with pain relief. The pack is available in varying shapes and sizes. fullsizerender



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